Who I am…..Justin

Hi, My name is Justin Snyder and I’m from a small town in Central Pennsylvania called Mechanicsburg. I’m an 8 year Veteran of the Army Reserve, where I’ve deployed to Iraq and work as a Public Affairs Print Journalist/Photographer covering current events relative to the militaries mission. Daily, I work in an excavation equipment shop and am instrumental in getting equipment serviced in a timely matter. Basically I’m just an ordinary guy trying to make it in this crazy world. However, all of this is just part of a grand scheme and picture. To my parents, I’m a son. One who never tried too hard in school and somehow managed to use his brain and humor just enough to be somebody in this big world. To My friends, I’m that guy who gets a little too loud when sports are on the television and will pick at you until your about to snap… only to then buy you a beer and tell you how much I appreciate you. To my neighbors, I’m the kid who comes and goes with the truck that’s a little too loud. To the world, I’m a taxpayer, Soldier and an inspiration. But to me, well, I’m just Justin. If you’ll allow me, I’d like to share my experiences, my thoughts and my opinions on things happening in this world. Some days I wake up and think back to the experiences I’ve had and ask myself “How did I get Here?” I think to myself, “It was only a hop, skip and a jump ago that I was an 18 year old kid with not a clue what he wanted in life.” Well the truth is, In some ways I’m still that kid. I still laugh too much and I still talk too loud. Whether it’s right or not, I still have an opinion and I’ll let you know that it’s better than yours, even if I damn well know it’s not. That’s just me, that’s who I am. Along the way I’ll sing you a song you don’t want to hear and tell you a little too much about the Atlanta Braves most recent home stand. But in the end, that’s what fills up my little slice of life. So please, let me take you on a journey and fill you in on the things that matter most to me and explain how I got here. I believe you have to understand where you came from before you can ever understand where your going. Life’s a journey, so jump in and let’s take a ride


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